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Sample of a settings.xml file

In the settings.xml file all preferences are stored. You can manually edit the settings.xml file to make BananAlbum perfectly suit your needs.

The settings.xml file can be found in the output folder after generating an album, which can be done with the various tools described at the main page of this documentation. You can however also download this .zip which contains an already generated BananAlbum, so you can check out the contents and the file structure.

Click any of the lines below for more information:

<settings version="v6.0" generator="">

<style leftcolumn="">[res]styles/Default.swf</style>


<title x="" y="">true</title>

<description position="" x="" y="" w="" h="" external="">true</description>

<thumbs width="68" height="68" crop="false" spacing="" autohide="false" automove="true" center="true" scrollbar="true" style="default" active="default" x="" y="" w="" h="">top</thumbs>

<image x="" y="" w="" h="" outline="false" autoscale="" preload=""/>

<transition fade="true">default</transition>


<download link="" target="" x="" y="" txt="Download Image">false</download>


<slideshow interval="4" x="" y="" txt="Play Slideshow, Pause Slideshow" autoplay="false">false</slideshow>

<donut line="" fill="" transparency=""/>

<fullscreen x="" y="" txt="Enter Full Screen, Exit Full Screen">false</fullscreen>

<rightmouse fullscreen="true" download="false"/>

<menu prefix="[" suffix="]"/>

<backgroundimage tile="" align="center" valign="center"></backgroundimage>