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BananAlbum for Google Picasa

How to install:

If you're on PC:
Add the 'BananAlbum' folder to your Picasa web templates folder (C:\Program Files\Google\Picasa3\web\templates or something alike?).

If you're on Mac:
Right-click the Picasa application icon and press 'Show package contents', go to Contents/Resources/web/templates/ and add the 'BananAlbum' folder.

How to create your first BananAlbum:

1. Select your Images in Picasa
2. Click 'Folder -> Export as HTML Page...'
3. Select the BananAlbum template.

Here's a video showing how to install and generate a BananAlbum using Picasa on Mac:

And here's a video showing how to create a BananAlbum with a menu:
?and the menu.xml file I'm editing in the video looks like this:

After generating an album, you can change the appearance by opening the generated settings.xml in NotePad/TextEdit.


p.s. If you're on PC, you can delete the 'res.zip' file which can be found in your output folder.
If you're on Mac you'll have to unpack this file and then delete it. (All this because of a bug in Picasa for Mac..)