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BananAlbum (menu) php-module

This php-module will create a menu to browse through your albums. Great when you'd like to add albums once in a while.

download: BananAlbum_php_menu.zip



Welcome to the BananAlbum menu php-module v6.x!

The menu php-module is a BananAlbum which will automatically create a menu to browse through your albums. It's actually a complete website with the navigation on the left. Because a lot is being done automatically it's easy to maintain. Everybody can make their own personal website with their own pictures devided into different categories.

Please note: Your provider needs to have php enabled.

1. Create a directory on your webserver for your BananAlbum. For example: "www.mywebsite.com/album".
2. Upload the contents of the folder 'Upload contents to webserver' to the directory you've just created.

Take it easy... Breathe in, breathe out. Just proceed, step-by-step. :]

3. Generate an album using the Album Files Generator for Photoshop. (You can also use JAlbum or the BananAlbumCreator for MaxOSX.)
4. Create a directory in the 'albums' directory on your webserver. The name of the directory will be the title of this album.
5. Upload the 'slides' and 'thumbs' folder as well as the 'album.xml' of the album you just generated to the directory you've just created.
6. Visit "www.mywebsite.com/album" and you'll notice that the album will appear in the menu!

If you'd like to change settings, such as the colors and the style, you can edit the settings.xml in NotePad or generate an album using JAlbum and use the generated settings.xml!

Note 01: You can also place the 'slides', 'thumbs' and 'album.xml' directly in the 'albums' directory to have images on startup as well!

Note 02: You can specify the order of the menu items by adding '01_', '02_', etc. at the beginning of the directory names.

Have fun!