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Here's a story about the inner workings of BananAlbum.

BananAlbum consists out of a flash file with external, xml-based data sources. It requires a seperate file for the settings, the album (slides) and the menu:

In case you'd like to create a tool/application/plugin to generate BananAlbums or if you'd just like to mess around, this documentation is indispensable.

You can download this manual.zip which contains a manually configurable BananAlbum. This zip-file is very handy to check out the contents and the file structure of BananAlbum. Great if you want to create your own scripts/tools to generate a BananAlbum or if you prefer to manually create a BananAlbum.

I've also created this package with a php-script which will automatically create a menu for the albums you upload to an 'albums' directory!
Go download the BananAlbum-php-menu.zip and give it a try!
It's very handy if you combine it with this Photoshop AlbumFilesGenerator.zip!

Click on one of the following files for an example with explanation about all configurable options:

Please note that BananAlbum may not be resold to other companies or third parties and it may not be redistributed as part of a content management system or on-line hosting solution. If you'd like to share a script or incorporate the free version of BananAlbum in your application, please contact me.