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Open YouTube videos in BananAlbum

You can access YouTube videos from the menu (you need the latest BananAlbum v6.0):

1. Download the YouTube player.

2. Place the YouTube player in the res-folder of the BananAlbum skin:
In JAlbum, go to 'Tools', 'Open Directories' and select 'Skin directory'.
Place the file called 'youtube.swf' inside the res-folder of the skin.

3. Go to the JAlbum BananAlbum settings tab and add the following line to the menu-field:

<item space="true">
<title>YouTube video</title>
<movie width="500" height="411" video="http://www.youtube.com/v/-XPaKnUthLM">res/youtube.swf</movie>

Here's an example album.