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Define size of the text

With the default style you can choose various typefaces and change the size of the text.

Choose a typeface!

Here's a link to the varous typefaces you can choose from.
You can now choose your typeface in the BananAlbum 'more' settings tab.

Specifying the size of the typefaces:

You can specify the size of the typefaces by using the following custom variables:
titlesize -> 11
descriptionsize -> 11
menusize -> 13

Activate your own typeface!

In the skin folder you can find three files which enable you to create your own typeface files for the titles and descriptions as well as for the menu. They're in the folder "res/typefaces/"
You need Adobe Flash in order to edit these files.

In the JAlbum advanced settings-tab you can enter a custom variable to activate your custom typefaces, but you could also select 'custom' from the typefaces list in the BananAlbum 'more' settings tab.
titletypeface -> custom_title.swf
descriptiontypeface -> custom_description.swf
menutypeface -> custom_menu.swf

In the settings.xml file these variables will be implemented as follows: