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Styles; various appearances of BananAlbum.

BananAlbum (v6.2.3) has various styles. Every style has its own appearance; the lay-out can vary as well as the typefaces and the kind of menu being used. Every style has their own set of possibilities. The default style, for example, can be set to a 'fixed' size and there are some typefaces to choose from or include your own.

Previous versions of BananAlbum have had some other styles as well. If you prefer using one of those ('Rounded', 'Multi', etc..), Click here, so you can manually install it in your BananAlbum skin.



This is the style which will be selected by default. A generated album looks as follows when you simply drag some images on the JAlbum interface:

From the settings panel, you can enable 'tools' such as 'Full Screen', 'Slideshow' and 'Download':

When you generate an album with subfolders, a menu will be shown:

When using the Default style you can choose various typefaces in the BananAlbum 'more' settings tab!
You can specify the size of the typefaces by using the following custom variables in the JAlbum advanced settings tab:
titlesize -> 11
descriptionsize -> 11
menusize -> 13



This is the way BananAlbum used to look like back in the days... It has a nice mini-typeface and icons for the menu and tools. The typeface being used is the 'theofont', which is available for download on my website.

The other styles will be documented as soon as possible.