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With plugins you can add extra enhancements to your BananAlbum.
You need a license in order to use plugins, you can however try the plugin functionality using the free version of BananAlbum.

  • To add a plugin to the BananAlbum skin, enter the BananAlbum 'About' settings panel and click 'Open BananAlbum Skin Folder'.
  • You'll find the folder 'res/plugins'. That's where to place the plugin file (.jpg, .png or .swf).
  • You can fill in your snippet of plugin-code in the BananAlbum 'Plugins' panel.

Here's a list of the functionality plugins have to offer:
Add a custom button back home
(new!) dropShadow (add a dropshadow to your image)
ambiColor (the background color changes based on the colors of the active image)