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Add custom menu items

A very commonly asked question is how to add a custom link or contact button to your album.
There are various ways of getting this done. The easiest way is by entering the Settings panel of the BananAlbum skin in JAlbum.


You need to enter an XML snippet to make a new menu item appear. Here are some examples:

You can add custom links by adding:

<link target="_top">http://www.bananalbum.net</link>

Or a contact button:


Or some info.. (Default style only) Edit the width of the text by changing the '370':

<text w="370" selectable="false"><![CDATA[Some info about me!]]></text>

Make sure you upload your album to your website... The links might not function when viewing the album from your hard drive due to security issues. Not my idea, but it simply happens to be so.

By default the menu is collapsed (if there are any sub items in your album). If you want the menu to be shown in its totality when entering the album you can set the custom variable "expandmenu" to "true" in the JAlbum advanced settings tab.

Here's info on changing the size of the text!