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Customize the appearance and transition of the image

There are various configurable features concerning the image.

Through the JAlbum BananAlbum settings panel you can specify which transition to use. The default transition will smoothly resize the background behind the image to the size of the new image. You can also activate the 'classic' transition which will make the background resize with an animation consisting of a set of lines. When selecting 'none' it will simply swap from the current image to the next.

By default the image has an outline which will also be shown during the transition. This outline can be switched off.

Here are some previews of the various transitions:

default transition:

default transition with outline enabled:



You can also enable/disable the fading in of the image:

no transition, no outline, no fade:

The background color is the color called 'fill color' in the BananAlbum settings-tab.