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Add audio to your BananAlbum (license only).

You can add audio to your album by using the plugin-functionality.
You need a license to enable the plugin functionality, but you can preview with the free BananAlbum!
Activating the audioPlayer requires the following steps:

1. Download the audioPlayer.

2. Place the audioPlayer files in the res-folder of the BananAlbum skin:
In JAlbum, go to 'Tools', 'Open Directories' and select 'Skin directory'.
Place the file called 'audioPlayer.swf' inside the res-folder of the skin, as well as an mp3-file: 'file.mp3'.

3. Go to the JAlbum BananAlbum settings tab and add the following line to the plugins-field:

<plugin audio="[res]file.mp3" title="Check this out!" autoplay="true" loop="true" volume="80" x="" y="">[res]audioPlayer.swf</plugin>

You can also have your various albums open their own mp3 files by doing the above, but also edit the generated menu.xml.

Add the following line above the </item> tags:

<plugin file="thisAlbum/myFavouriteSong.mp3" title="My Favourite Song" autoplay="true" loop="true" volume="80" action="playAudio"/>

Do make sure the path to the file is correct.