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Install your license in the BananAlbum JAlbum skin

First make sure you have the latest version of Jalbum.
You can have Jalbum itself check for updates through the 'help' menu, or go to: Download Jalbum

And do you have the latest version of the BananAlbum skin?
Download the latest version: BananAlbum JAlbum skin

- If you have the latest and greatest running, select the BananAlbum skin from the skins list in JAlbum.
- Open the BananAlbum settings panel and press 'open skin folder'
- When entering the 'res' folder you'll notice a file called 'BananAlbum(.swf)'.
- Replace the 'BananAlbum(.swf)' file with the file which can be found in the license .zip file you've downloaded.
Every album you generate from now will have the license installed.
If you've already generated albums you can install your license by doing the following:
- In the directory of your album, you'll find a 'res' folder.
- From Jalbum you can open the album directory by navigating to 'Tools/Open Directories/Output directory'.
- When entering the 'res' folder you'll notice a file called 'BananAlbum(.swf)'.
- Replace the 'BananAlbum(.swf)' file with your licensed 'BananAlbum(.swf)'

Here's a video showing how to install the license:

If you're using Windows: Click here

If you're on Mac: Click here

Please note: When the intro still appears after installation, make sure you clean your browser cache, check your album with another browser or create a new JAlbum project and see how that goes. If you still can't get it to work, send me a link or a .zip file of your album.

If you'd like to install more than one license, duplicate and rename the BananAlbum skin folder. If you want to make sure you're duplicating the correct skin, select it from the skin list in Jalbum and press 'open skin folder' in the BananAlbum settings panel.