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New to making websites?

Here's some explanation about what a website actually is and how to create one with a BananAlbum on it.

A website can be seen as a folder with files, not a lot different from a folder on your hard drive, although it's located on a so-called 'server', a computer placed in a clean room somewhere on the planet.
It can be reached through a domain name, such as 'bananalbum.com'.
This 'folder' can be opened by using an ftp-application (ftp stands for 'file transfer protocol'). With such an application you can log in to your site and it will show this 'folder' with the contents of your website.

A website consists of a bunch of files linked together. A website will always start with an 'index.html' file. So when visiting www.bananalbum.com it wil actually show www.bananalbum.com/index.html.
When generating a BananAlbum, a bunch of files, starting with an 'index.html' will be created.

Okay, but where can you get this 'folder', this domain name and this ftp application?
I myself registered some of my domain names in combination with webspace at PowWeb. There's a dozen of alternatives, so if you're reading this and know of any other 'providers' that suit you well, let me know.

After registering, you'll receive the ftp-login data.
You can now upload files to your website with software such as Cyberduck (for Mac) or Core FTP LE (for PC).

After creating a BanaAlbum, which can be done in a dozen of ways (with using BananAlbum as a skin for Jalbum or as a template for Adobe Lightroom as most common ways), you can upload the generated files to your site.

Here's a video showing how to generate a BananAlbum using Jalbum and upload it to your own website using Core FTP Lite.

Instead of registering your own domain name, you could start off with signing up at Jalbum. They offer space to host your albums at Jalbum.net for free. You'll receive yourname.jalbum.net as website address. The Jalbum application also offers a solution to upload your albums directly to your Jalbum site, but you can also enter your own ftp-login data to have it upload your albums to your own webspace.