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Positioning the various elements

The variable names for positioning the various elements have changed since v6.0
(please note; for nerds only ;-)

You can use the following variables:

album_wwidth of your album(was sw)
album_hheight of your album(was sw)
marginmargin around your album(was b)
thumbs_top_hspace used by the thumbnails at the top(was tth)
image_xx-position of your image(was ix)
image_yy-position of your image(was iy)
image_wimage width(was iw)
image_himage height(was ih)
title_hheight of the title(was lh)
description_wwidth of the description 
menu_wwidth of the menu 

These variables enable you to customize the position of the image, thumbnails, title, description, plugins, etc!
You can enter calculations in the BananAlbum Positioning settings tab, for example:
image_x: album_w/6
image_w: album_w/6*4
title_y: image_y+image_h