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BananAlbum documentation

BananAlbum is a beautifully simple web gallery. It offers a streamlined experience where the emphasis is on your images and not on the package. You can create single albums or a full featured portfolio website for your photography.

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BananAlbum for Adobe Lightroom 6
Download the BananAlbum template.
View the Lightroom documentation.
Create your photography portfolio website with Adobe Lightroom


JAlbum (WIN and MAC)
JAlbum is free gallery software that makes personalized web albums of your digital pictures. JAlbum offers the most possibilities to customize your BananAlbums. It contains a full featured settings panel as well as a BananAlbum tab to easily configure your album. For example: You can change the sizes, choose the position of the thumbnails, modify the colors, add comments and titles, etcetera. The BananAlbums you create can be easily uploaded to your website. If you haven't got any webspace you could use the free hosting at JAlbum.net. For more info: www.jalbum.net.


BananAlbumCreator (MAC only)
For Mac users I've created a basic application, the BananAlbumCreator, which enables you to easily create BananAlbums simply by dropping some images onto the application. The Creator has a basic preferences panel which enables you to change the size of the images and thumbnails, choose your own colors and enable or disable the comments and titles.


With Bananr you can plug BananAlbum to your Flickr account and use their system to organize your pictures. Visit bananr.com and enter your user- or photoset id. It offers a default album view, but you can modify the colors.


BananAlbum (menu) php-module
This php-module will create a menu to browse through your albums. Great when you'd like to add albums once in a while.


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