BananAlbum; quite certainly the finest way to present your images on the web.

(for Windows and Mac)


BananAlbum is a highly customizable image viewing application which enables you to create single albums or a full featured portfolio site. You can choose between various styles and typefaces, customize the colors, define the size and position of the images and thumbnails, and way, way more.

BananAlbum offers a streamlined experience where the emphasis is on your images and not on the package. It features advanced preloading and autoscale functionality which creates high quality images.

For mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Android, BananAlbum switches to a viewing mode that is optimized for small screens with touchscreen (sample of the mobile viewer).

Getting started

There are various ways to create a BananAlbum.
You can use BananAlbum in conjunction with Jalbum, as a template for Adobe Lightroom or Google Picasa. For Mac users there is a basic desktop application called the BananAlbumCreator.

Created your first BananAlbum? Easily upload it to your website!
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Choose your platform

Choose the desired platform, download the application or template and get started!
Make sure you check out the documentation because there's a lot to explore!

Create a beautifully simple Lightroom website.
Download template | Documentation

Use BananAlbum as a skin for Jalbum. For Mac, Windows and Linux!
Download skin | Documentation

A basic application to easily create BananAlbums simply by dropping some images on its icon. Mac only!
Download application | Documentation

Build BananAlbums using Google Picasa! Picasa is free photo editing software from Google.
Download template | Documentation

Get a license

You can use the free BananAlbum trial version to explore all functionality. With a license you'll get rid of the trial intro, as well as the BananAlbum logo at the bottom. The $28 is a one time fee. A license applies to the latest version and can be used with all applications and templates to generate a BananAlbum.


> Buy a license ($28)
> Read the terms and conditions


Sample album

I'm going places

BananAlbum with default settings. You can access multiple albums through the menu. I've also added a contact button and a link to my blog.